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2018 Newsletter

Greetings to all Pukehina Beach ratepayers and residents.

We certainly live in a wonderful part of the world – a little over 700 houses built on a finger of land that wouldn’t be permitted to be built upon if we were all starting from scratch today. Increasingly, people are discovering the unique community here, with five new homes built on The Parade this year, and many more holiday homes being lived in permanently. This influx of new people from far and wide should be welcomed with enthusiasm for the very jewels we all hold dear in Pukehina is what has drawn these new residents to join us.

This year, the PBRA has comprised of 127 members – eight of whom put their hands up to represent the membership in the form of this committee, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their passionate contribution to the well-being of this place. The committee has had an interesting year with a few new people involved, and several new and ongoing projects undertaken.

The main focus of the committee has been to re-establish means of communicating with our residents and to that end, significant work has been undertaken on our website and Facebook profile. The committee has decided to take the ‘membership only’ access away from the new website so all information on the site is freely available to all. The committee also intends to apply for funding in 2019 for an information board allowing ratepayers, residents and visitors to be better informed of issues and opportunities at Pukehina.

The committee has agreed to ask our members to change the name of our association to better represent people who live at Pukehina but may not be the payer of rates. At the Annual General Meeting [AGM], a vote will be put to members to become the Pukehina Ratepayers and Residents Association [PRRA], with the intention of increasing membership of this body and thereby better represent the needs of the whole community living here.

The following links provide access to both the current Rule set and the proposed changes.

Current PBRA Rules     Proposed PBRA Rules

Further, the committee will be asking for an increase in our annual subscription. This increase will accommodate increased ongoing costs, such as insurances, security camera costs and provide funds for increasing our ability to communicate with you all. Three options to be considered. They are:

a) An increase to $50 annually for each member.

b) An increase to $30 annually for each member.

c) The appropriate membership fee and a corporate membership of $100, providing for any Ratepayer or Resident with a business interest to list that business on our website.

Security was an item raised at last year’s AGM and there have been a number of developments and improvements in this area in the last twelve months. The committee agreed that the existing surveillance camera be upgraded and repositioned. Many of you will have noticed (!) the camera positioned outside the motor camp. The attempt to find sponsorship or raising funding for this upgrade was unfruitful, so the new camera, maintained by Tarnix, has been paid for out of PBRA funds. There is a protocol in how the footage captured on this camera may be accessed and used. If you have any queries about this, please approach a committee member for further information.

Another area of security for our residents that is currently being refreshed is the Community Car Patrol, now under the guidance of Denise Donald after many sterling years of service by Rex Cameron. Denise is working closely with the national body to ensure Pukehina Community Car Patrol conforms to national requirements. Also in this vein, Denise has taken on the role of Area Convener of Pukehina Neighbourhood Support – another wonderful national initiative that benefits the whole community – working to make our homes, streets and community a safer, more caring place to live. And the Pukehina Community Support Group of Civil Defence, headed by Carole Forrester, have worked hard on updating Pukehina emergency response documentation and have held two information days this year on what we all should do in the case of an emergency.
The damage from storms early on in the year has seen some significant erosion of the beachfront, particularly around 217-225 Pukehina Parade. The Committee has engaged an expert in coastal erosion mitigation to advise us on this issue and he is preparing an implementation plan. Up until early November, there has been insufficient sand on the beach to enable us to effect any repair but this is an ongoing active issue and the Western Bay of Plenty District Council [WBOP DC] and Bay Of Plenty Regional Council [BOPRC] are being kept in touch with progress.
The walkway/cycle way around the estuary plan has progressed slowly. The committee has recently received some renewed interest from other regional committees involved in establishing a network of walking and cycling tracks throughout our region as a part of the national network. The committee will continue this project in 2019, to establish the viability and consideration of options available.
Discussion of the coastal erosion and potential walkway/cycle way in quarterly meetings with the WBOPDC Chief Executive has raised the merits and rationale of the Pukehina Development Fund [PDF] and the Coast Care Fund [CC]. The PDF currently stands at approximately $370,000 and CC at about $265,000. This money is charged to your rates invoice and as most of you will already know, was initially charged to pay for feasibility studies for sewerage work. The result of the discussions clarified that the PDF money is only to be used for major infrastructure projects and the CC for beach and estuary erosion mitigation. This clarification has meant that the committee was unable to use the PDF for expenditure on the new security camera, and will have to continue to fund minor projects from association membership fees.
A presentation to the committee was made by the developer on the proposed construction of an Eco-village on the dairy farm directly adjoining the motor camp. It was agreed that the committee put in a submission generally in favour of the concepts as outlined, with some reservation about some practical issues, as this was the majority view of the committee. I must add, it was also the view of the majority of people I personally canvassed over a two month period. All ratepayers received information through the mail from WBOPDC informing of the notification of this proposal, with clear encouragement to individually make a submission. I trust many of you took that opportunity to inform the council of your preference.
Which raises perhaps the greatest threats we at Pukehina are facing in the near future – apathy and negativity. The Pukehina Beach Ratepayers Association is in existence to represent the community of Pukehina to the WBOPDC and the rest of the world – to ensure our voice is heard at council and to safeguard the way of life we all aspire.
The best representation is diverse representation, and that requires commitment from ratepayers and residents up and down the Parade; beach-side and farm/estuary-side; this side of State Highway Two and other side. If you love this community – if you are passionate about the birds, the fish, the beach, the dunes, the estuary, bikes on beach, bonfires on beach, dark skies, kids and oldies and everyone in between having a good life – if you want to fight to retain what makes this place so unique, then get involved! Join the association! Join the committee! Come to meetings! Speak up! Organize your time to participate! And if this is not for you, then please, please do not be a part of the clobbering machine; the life-sucking negative under-tow of a community in decline.
So, the association is the place to make YOUR opinion known and heard; to ascertain a considered and vibrant path into the future for all people here at Pukehina. I will not be standing again next year, and Denise Donald will be standing down from the position of Secretary – staying on the committee but with the tasks as outlined earlier. I would like to thank Denise for the enormous amount of work she has undertaken as secretary over her tenure, and for the great assistance she has provided to me as Chair. I look forward to seeing as many of you at the AGM in early January as possible, and if you are able, please put yourself forward as a committee member of this vital community responsibility.

A big thank you to Angie Piper and Sarah Piekarski, who are providing weekly monitoring for the Pukehina Beach Emergency Radio.

Everyone enjoys responsible dog owners who
The bird sanctuary west of the surf club is off-limits.


Water quality has been an ongoing issue, with a recent health warning placed upon the Pukehina estuary waterways. This is a major concern for recreational activities in and around our picturesque harbour. Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that water quality remains high. The decline in water quality is, in this respect, very disappointing. Recently two dead calves have had to be pulled out of the estuary without apparent ear-tags. The dumping of these carcases and anything else like this into our waterways contributes to the decline in water quality.
There has also long been concern for the effects of the septic systems bordering the estuary, and their effects on the estuary water quality. It is advised that cleaning septic tanks out at least once in every three years; surprisingly this does not seem to be always well understood. Effluent lines also need to be kept clean and well within boundaries. For the avoidance of doubt, it is unacceptable to run an effluent line onto reserve/ crown land, particularly around our waterways.

We have recently had several Five-Knot yellow buoys installed by the Harbour Master, in locations set by the Harbour Master, in an effort to make the estuary safer for all recreational users.
An education pamphlet drop prior to Christmas explaining the rules for using water-ways safely, is planned. It is important that all water-craft users observe and obey these rules so that everyone can use the estuary safely. Remember that between the five knot marker buoys and the shoreline is a maximum five knot zone. Faster recreational activities are appropriate on the Little Waihi/Maketu side of the buoys. The Harbour Master has indicated that he will be doing more patrols in the estuary over the 2018-2019 season to enforce this rule.

Estuary erosion remains a concern and several houses had flooded sections last winter. With the predicted effects of global- warming, there is a real concern this will happen again, more frequently and more severely. There does not appear to be any easy answer, however it is thought that keeping powered water-craft further out from the shore line will help eliminate some unnecessary wave action which could accelerate shoreline erosion.

PBRA would like to see the Community get behind pushing for our boat-ramp area to be updated and a jetty constructed to make launching and retrieving vessels safer. A fantastic asset for the community and a great place for kids to fish from safely.
Some restructuring has occurred in 2018 providing an opportunity for two new coordinators to become Police Vetted and lead Pukehina Beach and surrounds Neighbourhood Support programme.
Following up from our initial contact we need to fill vacant sector leader positions and are working on providing a monthly community newsletter. We look forward to working alongside our sector leaders
to facilitate closer community networks and provide appropriate resources for keeping Pukehina and surrounds safe.
Feel free to make contact with Angie 0272431176 or Denise 0274632717


Carol Forrester

It has been a busy and eventful year but also very rewarding. Our small active team of volunteers have been introduced to Theo Ursum and Nick Barnes from EMOP, who are both new to the job. Nick is our go to liaison person and has been an
invaluable resource, attending most of our meetings.
We have, and continue to update our community plan, done another drop off of our emergency flier and have met with Eric Newman the C.D operations manager to discuss our local difficulties. This will be invaluable if a severe event should occur and he was impressed with our proactive and sound set up, bringing with him a fellow member from the South Island to see how we operate.
An open day on Sunday 25th November 1.00 – 3.00pm –promoting further safety was an opportunity for community groups to share and elicit support of locals into volunteer groups.
We welcome to our area a new community constable, Te Awa Anderson who intends to have regular meetings with locals.
Thank you all volunteers who are involved in keeping the people of Pukehina Beach and the surrounds as safe as possible, including those in my team who will be there if things go wrong.
Please know where to go and remember “If it’s long and strong! Get gone! “

To join our team contact Team
Leader caroleforrester@outlook.co.nz phone at 07 5334249


Horses may be ridden on the north-west trail (Rogers Road to Poutuia Reserve) at low tide on the inter-tidal flats. Do not ride on the sand dunes or past Poutuia Park entry / exit.
WBOP DC can be reached on 5718008 for any concerns regarding assets, facilities, Freedom Campers, animals or information.


Coordinator Denise Donald

2018 has seen a change in the Patrol focus at Pukehina Beach. Affiliation to CPNZ requires two drivers per patrol and mandatory training for all patrol members. We Patrol Pukehina Beach and surrounds covering approximately 30 – 60 kms per patrol.
Ten Police vetted members are rostered on over a four week period. We are working with our Police liaison Officer Community Constable Te Awa Anderson to provide a safer, resilient community.
Thank you to our sponsors; Complete Gas and Plumbing, BP Pongakawa and Service Centre. If your business would like to contribute please make contact with Denise. New recruits are most welcome to make contact: Happy holidays from Denise 0274632717 or Cheryl 0272959116.


Errol Watts Chief Fire Office

We attend roughly 100 call outs per year. If you see the volunteers out training or passing by the Fire Station be sure to give them a toot or a thumbs up.

Help us to help you

Ensure your gate and/or mail box is numbered and can be clearly seen
If practical, somebody is waiting at the gate or driveway for the emergency vehicle.
Make sure Christmas and holiday season Beach bon fires are set below the high tide mark.


The 2018/19 volunteer patrol season has started with Pukehina currently patrolling Sunday only until first weekend in December. Flags up 10am to 2pm.
Weekend patrols will start on the second weekend in December with flags up 10am to 4.30pm both days.
Junior Surf (U 14 yr) is running on Sundays at 10am to 12pm followed by coffee and bbq. We are happy to have families join for the holiday period. We promote safe swimming, fun and challenge so the kids gain surf sense. Using equipment in the waves is a main focus of the programme.

The redevelopment project recently announced is a culmination of many years of toil and will see the courageous decision to future proof our club operations, made by those members years gone by, finally come to fruition. We hope to be able to provide a true community asset that will support activities within Pukehina community, enhancing club growth and our commitment to providing top level volunteer lifeguarding service for many years to come.
We welcome any offers of support from the community throughout the rebuild project and have an email: building@pukehinasurfrescue.co.nz set up should you want to enquire, and a cell phone contact as well 027 238 7226.

2017/18 summer saw our club rewarded at the BOP Awards of Excellence with having the Best Patrol Operations for the 2nd year in a row, Rescue of the Year, Patrol Captain of the year, Instructor of the year, Examiner of the year and Volunteer of the year along with some members being rewarded for years of service to BOP and New Zealand Surf Lifesaving organisation. 5.30 – open to all within the community. Wednesday at Pongakawa School pool for some swim training at 5.30pm.

Text 0273414439 with your email address to receive a weekly newsletter update. Club subscriptions: Individual membership $50 or Family sub $130.

Use family name and subs as a reference 03 0474 0451938 00 at Westpac – Te Puke. Pukehina Surf Rescue account.

The Association would like to acknowledge the passing of two former PBRA members; Lawrence Edwards and Stella Cressey. Lawrence was a former chair and Stella was the inaugural website manager. Their contribution to the Pukehina community will be greatly missed. The 2018 committee extend their condolences to both families.


5th January 1.30 pm Pukehina Community Hall 2019. Cup of tea / coffee
to follow the meeting. A good chance to chat with invited guests or committee members.

Voting Procedures:
1. Only paid up members can vote
2. Only ratepayers/ owners of property at Pukehina Beach may become Members
3. Membership may be in either one or joint names. Where there is joint membership – that is only one subscription has been paid per property, only one vote will be allowed. 4. Members who own more than one property may, if the required additional subscription(s) have been paid, have more than one vote allowed to them.

The AGM registration is as follows: At the meeting, provide your Name and Pukehina address, or if different, the address the rate demand is sent to. This will allow committee members to confirm that you are a ratepayer and a financial member of the association. On confirmation of being a financial member you will be given a batten to display to register a vote, or to move or second a motion. Non-members are allowed to speak with the chairman’s permission. $20 joining fee for annual subscription

Our bank details:
Account name: Pukehina Ratepayers’ Association. Westpac, Te Puke bank account number: 03 0474 0429781 000.

The PBRA committee are keen to see a more comprehensive and inclusive representation of membership for the association.
A proposal to include all Pukehina residents will be discussed at the AGM along with membership fee restructure.
Pukehina Beach Ratepayers Association has been operating since 1968 with essentially the original rules that were put in place. The committee now thinks it is time to update and amend the rules. The Association is applying to become a registered charity in order to help fund community projects.
Any change in rules needs to be passed by 75% of voters at the AGM.
To give you advance notice of the proposed amendments; current and proposed rules can be found on our web site. Please have a look at the proposed amendments (which are shown in bold type in the ‘Proposal Document’).
Have your say by attending the AGM on the 5th January.

The 2018 Pukehina Beach Ratepayers Association Inc. committee would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Meri Kirihimete me ngā mihi o te tau hou ki a koutou katoa.