Local services and contacts

Internet Options at Pukehina Beach

(A signal test for your particular area is available and will most likely be free)

Dial up Internet
Available to people with an existing phone line to their house and delivered from your phone provider e.g Spark
Tends to be slow and outdated technology

Broadband internet
Same deal as with the dial up but much faster.
May not be available to houses further down the parade past the pub

Satellite Internet
Available from companies like Lightwire
Customers report; you pay extra for speed and has had connectivity issues

4g Internet
Available from a variety of companies like; Full flavour, Spark, Vodafone
Customers report that 4g is a reliable and fast option.
Speeds of up to 98 Mbps have been achieved so almost as fast as fibre in towns.
Works off the 4g network cell phone towers.

“This section contains information about internet options. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.”



Tide times

Local council

https://www.westernbay.govt.nz or 07-571 8008.
Western Bay of Plenty District Council are responsible for Civil Defence, beach access ways, storm water, parks and reserves, rubbish, roading, dog ranger.

Power supply

Phone 0800 878 787 for any problems.

Refuse collection

Please keep Pukehina Beach clean!

Illegally-dumped rubbish is unhygienic and a depressing sight which gives the impression we don’t care about our place. It also attracts dogs, cats, rats and mice. Bottles, especially broken ones, are a safety hazard to all.

Illegal rubbish dumping is prohibited. Call 0800 TRASHY to report this activity.

The WBOPDC council contractor collects rubbish every Tuesday from the roadside from 7.30 am. Rubbish must be placed in official pre-paid green refuse bags, available from local stores or supermarkets for a small cost. By law, bags can only be left outside your own property. In order to avoid pests scattering the rubbish, please put bags out of reach if possible.

There are also other contractors in the area who provide rubbish bins and recycling services.

There are transfer and recycling stations at 36 Station Road, Te Puke and in Truman Road, Te Maunga.

The recycling centre located at 36 Station Road Te Puke is open every Tuesday and Thursdays 9:0am to 3:30pm, Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm.

The centre will accept free of charge: Paper, Cardboard, Steel and Aluminium Cans, Glass Bottles and Jars, Plastic Soft Drink and Milk Bottles, Printer Cartridges and Fluorescent Lights.

The cost of Green waste is as follows: Car and Station Wagon $7:00, Small Trailer and Utility $24:00, Tandem Trailer $46:00. The stem diameter must be no thicker than 100mm and length no longer than 3m. Green waste not accepted is: Flax, Pampas, Bamboo, Gorse or Palm.

Neighbourhood support

This New Zealand wide, well proven Community Scheme is an essential part of making our community Safe and Crime Free. This organisation combined with the Police presence and the Community Patrol Car will make Pukehina a place feared by the criminal element and a community that can manage any emergency. “Neighbours looking after Neighbours”.

Our community has a dedicated voluntary team of 28 team leaders covering all the properties at Pukehina Beach. Our aim is to be instrumental in preventing crime in the area by keeping our eyes and ears open and reporting suspicious activity to the Police. We also want to help keep your properties safe and secure by advising you of any damage to your property in your absence. In relation to current crime trends that Police feel is appropriate to pass on to our community that they will deliver this prevention advice through Neighbourhood Support and update us on any issues within our community.

The Neighbourhood support team is very keen for you to:

  • Get behind neighbourhood support to keep Pukehina safe and free of crime
  • Know who your team leader is
  • Report ALL incidents or suspicious activities as soon as you can – nothing is too trivial!
  • Get to know your immediate neighbours so that you can all look out for each other
  • Your team leader will happily assist in helping you achieve this.

Would you like to supply us with your contact details? If you have already done so could you please update us with any details that have changed?

The information you supply will be passed on to the Team Leader looking after your stretch of the beach and will be kept confidential and used only for Neighbourhood Support matters. If you have any questions or would like to be part of our team do not hesitate to contact us.

Please provide your details to the Coordinator, Joy Walker by

  • Call into her office at Ray White Real Estate office at 63 Pukehina Parade.
  • Phoning 07 5333 787 or 0274 855 455
  • Posting 63 Pukehina Pde RD9 Te Puke 3189
  • Email joy.walker@raywhite.com

Radio stations